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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Ponofie.com?
A. Ponofie.com exists as an adult media sharing website. Users can freely upload and share videos and images.

Q. Are you associated with the Leaktube.net website?
A. Yes we are, we have association with the website owner/creator.

Q. Why signup for membership?
A. Membership is free and allows you to upload media and interact with existing members to view private content.

Q. Is Ponofie.com classified as an adult social network?
A. NO. While we allow members to create profiles, Ponofie.com does not facilitate the sharing personal information nor do we encourage any social meeting outside of the website.

Q. I've uploaded an album or videos and don't see them approved, while media for the same period appears on the site.
A. Ponofie.com does not publish all the media uploaded by its members. Some videos and images are inappropriate for publishing, these include but are not limited to any form of schoolaz porn, content containing anything illegal, harassing, abusive, obscene or hateful. (else see Duplicate content)

Q. How does Ponofie.com treat duplicate submissions?
A. We do not allow duplicate content as it consumes valuable and limited resources. The first uploader take priority ownership unless a DMCA request is filed and primary ownership is challenged..

Q. Ponofie.com Premium?
A. We will launched out Premium access membership. Details can be found here: PREMIUM Later